Posted on January 21st 2016 by

Born in the Rockies. Raised in the Ozarks. Seasoned in the Appalachians. Working in the Smokies.

Born near Denver, my family moved to the small town of Billings, MO with more cows than people. I spent a few years in the Marine Corps, but the days I miss it are few and far between.

I did get to spend some time in Iwakuni, Japan. Which I’ve always missed. Most of my adult life has been spent on the east coast especially near Philly, with all their charming grit. I miss getting a good steak at Jim’s or Pat’s.


Recently, I moved to Knoxville to be close to my 18 year old crush (now fiancée). I spend most of my time nerding out over web design trends. I probably work too much. However, I do try to make time for good food. Yelp even made me an Elite member last year! Anyways, that’s a little about me.